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Hazmat and Long Haul Transportation Risks

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Protect Your Trucking Business:

JS Downey Insurance Service strives to stay ahead of the ever-changing insurance landscape, and that includes specialty transportation for hazmat and long haul operations. 

From crude oil haulers to reefer units, it’s our goal to make sure all applicable lines of coverages are explained and offered in as straight-forward and easy to understand manner as possible.

We have access to all major insurance carriers writing transportation risks as well as programs exclusive to the excess market.

Contact Adam Cortright to set an appointment. Whether it’s regarding a new policy or you want to save money on your current renewal, we’re here to help.

As an experienced provider of hazmat truck insurance policies, our team can provide the services and policies to meet the time-sensitive requirements of this industry, such as motor carrier filings.


Management for Transportation Risks:

Our risk manager can work with management to combat the root cause of any safety issues, whether it’s vehicle maintenance, accident prevention, log books, or driver files. Your SAFER scores and OOS rates are directly related to the insurance premium. Finding ways to reduce your liability and exposure is important to us.

And we know price is important to you; JS Downey brings value to your operation by effectively marketing your account with our multiple trucking insurance providers, direct markets and excess/surplus side. We give you firm prices and clear terms in our insurance policies. If there is an error, we will try resolve it quickly and in your favor.

Our employee benefits division offers innovative cost savings solutions that deliver comprehensive benefits to employees while meeting the expectations of the business’ bottom line. With our client’s needs in mind, we focus our efforts in delivering multi-year cost management strategies, leveraging technology and educating employer/employees on regulatory compliance and benefits in order to enhance their overall experience.

Contact Adam Cortright, your friendly Fleet Insurance Broker.

Compliance Solutions:

In addition to top-notch insurance coverages and service, we provide FREE and easy-to-use solutions for HR, safety, as well as DOT/FMCSA compliance for clients and prospects!

We are proud to offer HR Connection: A benefits administration platform. Keep your employees/drivers up to date on the latest company news, policies and resources. We set up your company site, it’s yours to keep FREE.

Paperless enrollment is a must, but this tool goes beyond the basics. Plan decision support promotes consumerism and creates an informed employee population. Employees are guided through every stage of enrollment process and plan rules work to limit errors and rework.

In addition to HR Connection, we provide access to a briefcase of DOT and FMCSA safety docs and compliance, as well as information about upcoming changes, news, and other useful information to keep your drivers on the road safely.

We make it easy, we explain the kinds of coverage you will need and review what’s currently in place, and we do it quickly because you need to get back to business.

We also provide a wide range of HR Training courses to invest in your employees and help grow your profits.

Quick Snapshot of Available Coverages:

Lines of Coverage Available

• Auto Liability
• Auto Physical Damage
• Excess Over Primary (Umbrella)
• Pollution
• Motor Truck Cargo
• Commercial General Liability (CGL) for Truckers
• Bobtail/deadhead
• Workers Compensation
• Equipment (Inland Marine Floater)
• Property (Real and contents)

Available Terms for Auto Liability

• Up to $2,000,000 Combined limit
• Excess Auto limits up to $25,000,000
• Available in all states

Classes Included (Not Limited To)

Petroleum/fuel, aggregate (dirt, rock, sand, gravel), chemicals, compressed gases, waste oil, sludge, salt / brine water, cement mixers, hot oil, oversized loads/equipment haulers, shipping containers, biofuels, fertilizer, milk, remediation contractors, liquid asphalt, PCB fluids, medical waste, contaminated soil, asbestos, solvents, and more.

If it’s on the road, dirt, coming from or going to port, we can insure it!

Key Trucker Endorsements

• ISO Broadened Pollution Form CA 99 48 10 01
• MCS-90
• All state filings as needed
• BMC-91x Filing

Frequently Asked Questions:

What coverages do most owner-operators who are leased to a motor carrier need?

Most individuals who are leased to a motor carrier purchase their physical damage, Gap coverage and bobtail liability coverage through our office. Physical damage and Gap coverage are optional for the owner-operator depending on whether or not their equipment is financed.

However, the motor carrier to whom the owner-operator is leased will specify in the permanent lease agreement what types of secondary liability coverage they expect their owner-operators to carry, such as non-trucking liability, bobtail liability or unladen liability (commonly referred to as bobtail/deadhead liability).

What value will you place on my equipment when it’s covered for physical damage?

Most insurance companies, ourselves included, insure equipment for actual cash value, which is determined by the market value at the time of loss.

That is why it is extremely important in today’s market to secure Gap coverage, which will pay off your loan balance if you are upside down on your loan (owe more than it’s worth in today’s market).

Why do you ask so many questions when all I want is a quote on insurance?

The reason we ask a lot of questions up front in the quoting process is to make sure we have properly identified your insurance needs - and to satisfy the underwriting requirements in an attempt to eliminate any future problems.

Other insurance agencies quote their coverage based on a limited amount of information and are often forced to increase premium after these important questions are completely answered. Because we have taken the time to gather the information up front, you are given a more accurate quote and the entire binding process is simplified.

What is a Fleet Vehicle?

A fleet vehicle just means over a certain number of power units owned and titled under the same company or entity. To some insurance carriers a fleet is 10 units, some carriers it’s 100, it varies per company and class of risk.

Why Choose JS Downey Insurance Service?

Small fleets and Owner-Operators aren’t small to us - we like to feel that while we can offer all the markets of even the largest national agencies.

What sets JS Downey Insurance apart from the competition is superior Customer Service. We’ll work just as hard to cover the owner-operator as we will for the hundred power unit fleet. We are quick and responsive when you have a question.

JS Downey operates with the belief that honesty and integrity are paramount to success in business and life. We pledge to give you honest, straightforward answers to your questions. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, every time.

We are real people that live and work in the community just like you. We are not a 1-800 trucking insurance agency found on the internet. We’re a locally owned and operated business with national insurance access providing unrivaled service.

We can likely save you money over your current carrier. Once we walk through a brief insurance evaluation, review your exposure, and establish your unique policy needs, we can customize solutions and premiums. We make switching fast and effortless.

We’re not satisfied unless you are, and our Commercial Lines Director is available anytime to help keep you on the road.

Adam Cortright - Commercial Lines Director     (619) 884-9920    Cell     (619) 297-5888    Office (ext. 301)     LinkedIn

Adam Cortright - Commercial Lines Director

(619) 884-9920 Cell

(619) 297-5888 Office (ext. 301)


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