Is Cyber Insurance a Necessity?

Cyber policies can definitely be complex and vary by need. How do you know what to buy based on limited tech knowledge? Are you self-employed or do you run a business with employees?

Here is a free downloadable checklist with the various areas you'll need to consider, along with helpful tips to keep you safer.

If you have a breach or are a cybercrime target, the right policy can bring some peace of mind. Our commercial lines specialist, Adam, is happy to help you understand the types of damages a policy will actually cover and what types of losses may not be insurable.

Once he knows more about your specific business needs, he can tailor a policy to help ensure you'll have protections for the tools and services you may need to handle breaches or other damages due to cybercrime.

It's important to note that having the right cyber insurance coverage does not eliminate the need to invest in cybersecurity. You and your staff still need to have good cybersecurity practices and the right response plan should anything arise.

In the meantime, here's a link to a useful article, David vs Goliath – How Small Businesses Can Battle Cybercriminals, which provides several steps that businesses should take to arm themselves against threats.