Cyber Technology to Help You or Your Business

Increasing your digital security practices can certainly reduce your cyber risk as an individual and as a small business.  It offers the biggest payoff for the time invested.

You may not know the heartache you avoided with your proactive cyber security practices, but that small investment of time will always be worth it.

Personal - How to Protect Your Digital Self

This excellent article from WIRED Magazine offers excellent tips on a personal protection plan.

You can also see our blog post about protecting and improving your credit report here.

Business - Best Security Practices

See Our Related Blog Post on Cyber Liability for Business Owners Here

See Our Related Blog Post on Cyber Liability for Business Owners Here

It's impossible to protect from data breaches completely, but creating a company culture of security awareness can greatly reduce risks.

Here are five very useful ways to safeguard confidential information and uphold your company's responsibility to secure data.

Staying Ahead of Scammers has designated significant resources to cyber liability issues and helping consumers protect themselves.

"Every day, you see new scams featured on the news or on social media, but is that information true? Tech scams, impersonation scams, travel scams—scammers are busy and it is a lot to keep up with. In fact, many scams are becoming more elaborate and seemingly more like legitimate opportunities. Many claim to be from a government agency, give you an identification number, and much more convincing details.They include upfront payments, threats of retaliation such as suing you, and other scare tactics."

The Federal Trade Commission offers regular updates on the latest scams and how to avoid them. If you've been the victim of a scam, they have a dedicated site where you can file a complaint

Have any questions? Adam Cortwright is happy to answer any questions on cyber related issues for your small business.