"Pink Noise" for Your Memory AND Your Sleep?

Blog post about an article on "Pink Noise" which is an "engineered sound that scientists say is more soothing than the better known white noise" and how it can help your sleep, especially for seniors... which in turn, can help your memory.

Protecting Your Privacy and All-Important Credit Rating

An article about protecting one's identity and credit history. Also provides a free PDF download from USA.gov on how to build a good credit history, which "helps lenders decide whether or not to give you a loan, and how much you will need to pay to borrow money. Checking your credit report can also help you repair possible identity theft by showing whether any fraudulent accounts have been opened in your name."

Simple Tips You Need to Know to Protect Yourself when Traveling

Tips to keep yourself safe during travel. Quick tips you may not have thought about when traveling away from home. Also how you're protected for accidents or emergencies with your current insurance and when it's appropriate to buy extra insurance / travel policies.