Fidelity | Crime Bond Insurance

Fidelity | Crime Bond Insurance


Fidelity Crime Bond Insurance is to protect companies from losses as a result of a crime: fraudulent or dishonest acts, usually by employees of the business.

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Insurance protection for a company that incurs losses as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts by individuals, usually employees of said business.

What is Fidelity Bond Insurance?

While often called "bond" insurance, this type of policy allows for employers' assets to be protected from any losses incurred from dishonest employees. These protections include recovery of a company's financial losses, securities, and/or other property. Other types of Fidelity or Crime insurance policies can include coverage for burglary, fire, theft (general or computer-related), fraud, and forgery.

Commercial crime insurance is generally categorized as fidelity coverage. As mentioned, claims on commercial crime policies are often termed as fidelity bond claims, but it works as first-party insurance instead of as a true bond. Fidelity insurance (or bonds) is usually related to dishonest acts of the insured's employees, but can also offer protection for fraudulent acts of non-employees, public officials, or certain classes of people (e.g. motor vehicle dealer bonds).

Crime Bonds Can Include Coverage for:

  • Computer Fraud

  • Funds Transfer Fraud

  • Pension and/or Profit Sharing Plan (a.k.a. ERISA) Bonds

  • Clients’ Property (Third-Party Fidelity) Bonds

  • Commercial Crime

  • Employee Theft

  • Forgery or Alteration

  • Theft of Money and/or Securities

  • Safe, Robbery and/or Burglary

 How Do I Enroll in Fidelity Crime Bond Insurance?

Call for a quote today and we can help to simplify your options and explore your benefits and rates. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Applying is easy and we work with a variety of exemplary carriers to fit your needs.