Cyber Liability Insurance Protection

With all of the cyber security attacks on large institutions, businesses need to protect themselves and their clients' data from cyber security attacks. If there is a breach of data within your business, it could compromise the valued trust your clients have put in your business. 

As attacks on individuals and small businesses increase, cyber liability insurance has become a must-have. For more info on how Cyber Liability Insurance works, call us at 619-297-5888 or learn more here. 


Protect against Potential cyber attacks with cyber liability insurance

ransomware cyber liability insurance protection

Ransomware | Spyware | Malware

Imagine going into the office and turning on your computer. When you type in your password, a notification window pops up and says, "We have hacked your computers and your server. If you want access to your data, pay $25,000 in bit coins to our account or else we will wipe your systems clean and sell your data to the highest bidder." This type of attack has been increasing over the years since business owners feel obligated to comply or else risk going out of business. The worst part of this attack: there's no guarantee the hacker will ever give you access and there's no guarantee that he hasn't already corrupted your files for a future attack.  Now is more important than ever to not only protect your systems but also to protect your liability involved. 

Don't think you're at risk? It's as simple as clicking on a link from someone you know who's email has been compromised. Protect your company and your assets with Cyber Liability Insurance Protection.

Cyber Liability Insurance is needed for poor coding

Cyber Fraud | Social Engineering

What would happen if your bookkeeper or accountant received an email from the CEO saying, "Our vendor is waiting for payment before they can deliver the goods I purchased. Can you please wire the money to them today?" This is not a system generated attack. It's a simple attack to execute with a little research. Most of the time when a transfer has been executed, the transferred funds are irretrievable. As a result, your business has just lost thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands. 

Disguising outbound emails is not difficult. It's more important than ever to protect your business with Cyber Liability Insurance Protection. Even if all of your systems are 100% protected, it is almost impossible to protect against all types of cyber fraud.

tablet cyber phishing increases business liability

Phishing Attacks

Hackers send out millions of emails per day with the hopes that someone will click on the email. In recent years, these emails have become more sophisticated and are often disguised as legitimate emails from the bank or other institution.  

When you click on the email, it might go to a site like the actual domain is march2017; whereas, chase is just the subdomain. 

Phishing is a lot more tricky these days and simply clicking on a link could potentially put all of your systems at risk. It's not just about submitting your password to a fake website.

Have you noticed the monthly rates for identity theft solutions has steadily increased over the years? This is the reality of the digital world we live in. Our data is not safe. In addition to protecting businesses with cyber security solutions, it's just as important to get protection with a cyber liability insurance policy. 

We help San Diego businesses with Cyber Liability Insurance Protection.