Insurance for San Diego Startups 

We've designed special packages to help entrepreneurs plan their businesses and transfer risk.

Startup Insurance Plans for San Diego Entrepreneurs

Technology Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance (Tech E & O)

What is it?

A type of liability insurance that provides coverage for digital products & services, media content, and cyber security breaches.

Who needs it? 

Companies that produce digital products including software, websites, or provide digital services such as digital marketing.

When to get it?

Once the company goes live, releases a beta version of its software, or upon offering to provide digital services to a client.

Tech E&O Claim Examples: 

  • Built a website for a client and something goes wrong with the website

  • Offered to boost a client’s search result ranking and their rankings drop

  • Developed a mobile app that has bugs in it

How Much Is It?

Most Startup policies run between $60 to $100 per month depending on the exposure.



General Liability Insurance

What is it?

It's a type of liability insurance which covers bodily injury and property damage caused by your company or employees.

Who needs it? 

All businesses should have this upon initial launch as it’s the first line of defense.

When to get it?

Get this when you first start your company or sign any contracts with vendors, landlords, or clients.


  • An employee accidentally spills coffee on a client at a coffee shop

  • Competitor sues for copyright infringement or defamation due to digital content

  • Someone walks into your office and trips and falls

Choosing the coverage that protects your business from liabilities should not be done without speaking to a specialist who will advise on proper coverage tailored to your business risk exposure. 

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