Let's Talk About Life (Insurance)

Life insurance provides protection against the sudden death of a loved one, family breadwinner, business partner, or to guarantee a loan.

Life insurance can also be used as a savings vehicle that can be used to fund retirement, or college education; salary continuation programs for business executives, private retirement plans for key employees, and also for those “rainy days” needs.

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A primary use of life insurance is to replace the future income that is lost when someone dies. With personal life insurance, an insured is often the person who produces income for the family. However, people may also buy life insurance on the lives of family members who do not work outside the home, such as a stay-at-home spouse who raises the children. Regardless of whether the insured is the primary wage earner or someone else, the insurance company pays a specified amount—called the policy’s face amount or death benefit—normally free of income tax. This amount is paid to the beneficiary upon the insured’s death while the policy is in force.

Because many types of life insurance are available, a consumer must learn the basics about the various kinds to make an informed choice. Life insurance policies differ in the following areas:

  • premium level

  • duration of premium payments

  • guarantees

  • flexibility

  • potential for cash value gain

  • risk management

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