Did You File Your Taxes? Quick Tips Before Deadline

For those individuals still working hard on tax preparation, you have until April 18th.  Here are some last minute resources to help you finish your taxes on time, report insurance status to avoid a fine, apply for a hardship or installment plan, pay online, or just make sure everything was done correctly.

Tax Day And Health Insurance Under Trump

From NPR (PBS): "For the majority of tax filers, who had health insurance through an employer for 2016 or through a government program, all they have to do is check the box on the 1040 form that says they were covered for a full year."  For everyone else, NPR has tax advice related to the ACA (aka Obamacare).

MarketWatch offers 6 Common Tax Mistakes to avoid when filing close to the deadline

MarketWatch has "...compiled a list of six quick-and-dirty tips that could keep you from making some obvious, and not-so-obvious, mistakes when you finally sit down and tackle the task. They could also help you maximize your tax refund."

Alternative Payment Plans & Hardship Information

The IRS allows for installment agreements if a taxpayer is not financially able to pay their tax debt immediately.  They also allow an offer in compromise, which allows taxpayers to settle their tax debt for less than the full amount.

Payment Options: Pay Online, Installment Plans and More

At this IRS site, taxpayers can pay their taxes directly online from their bank account or debit or credit card.  Additional resources are also provided for those wanting to pay with cash or check.

Step-By-Step Lifeline Guidance

Lastly, USA Today has a step-by-step guide to everything else you need to know that you may not be thinking about this close to the end.