Can You Cheat On Your Fitness?

By: Steve Downey

Will Electric Bicycles Help You Burn Calories?

So you're a little overweight and you buy an electric bike to get fit - does that make you lazy?

No - it makes you a genius!

A new study shows they're a decent form of exercise and "suggests that they're just as good as regular bikes at improving fitness..."

Plus in my opinion, they're a lot more fun so you're likely to ride more often and get more sunshine (vitamin D). â˜€ï¸

Encouraging Results From A Recent Study

32 participants were split into two groups - 17 supplied with an electric bicycle - and 15 with regular bikes - for a four week experiment.

They all rode at a speed of their choosing, three days a week, at a distance of at least 3.7 miles per ride. After four weeks, VO2 tests showed that all participants improved their fitness.

However, the e-bike 🚴 riders maintained a higher average speed - and rode up steeper climbs during the test period! So cool! You are having so much fun, you ride longer, too!

Riding an e-bike for exercise works as well as a regular bike and it’s more FUN! I purchased one a few years ago and I really enjoy the flexibility of its range and ease of use.
— Steve Downey

You're more motivated and you look forward to your workouts.

As the article points out, you're not only burning fat and increasing your aerobic capacity, but you're also improving your health (i.e. blood pressure) and mental well-being.

How Do They Work?

They have an electric powered motor that will usually last between 15 to 60 miles (depending on the speed and usage) and the average electric bike will travel at a speed of around 20 m.p.h.

Can You Afford One?

On a quick Google search, you can buy one for as little as $350 on Walmart clearance - or around $2,399 for a highly rated new one. A local company here in San Diego, Pedego Electric Bikes has e-bikes for rent ($20-30/hour) and for sale - so you can certainly test one out and see if it's your kind of amusement.


For those running a small business, encourage employee wellness by making your workplace bicycle friendly. We've also included some handouts for inspiration:

Bottom Line

Heck yes, they're worth it. So are good old-fashioned regular bicycles. Whatever you'll enjoy on a regular basis will improve your health and longevity. As always, check with your doctor 👨‍⚕️ before any new athletic endeavor(s).