Home Owners Insurance

Home Owners Insurance


We provide homeowner's insurance to property owners in San Diego County. Do you have a specific question? Speak to our property insurance broker today.

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Protect your home investment against natural disasters and theft.

What is Homeowners Insurance?

A homeowners insurance policy provides coverage for one of our most valuable assets from damage, theft, and loss.  At J.S. Downey Insurance, we can help you explore all of your coverage options to protect your home, compare benefits, and shop around for the best rates to fit your budget.

What Does Homeowners Insurance Protect?

Standard policies usually cover damage to your house and any permanent structures on your property (unless these structures are specifically excluded on your policy).  Homeowners insurance can also cover damage to your personal property, as well as liability claims incurred while in your home.  You can also purchase additional coverage for specialty or valuable items such as jewelry.  

Flood insurance is usually not covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy, but can be purchased separately.  You can also get liability protection beyond your current home and auto policy limits with personal umbrella insurance.

Rental Property

If you are a landlord and renting your house, you can buy a special kind of policy known as a "dwelling fire" policy.

And if you are a tenant in a rental property, you can get a "renter's policy" to protect your personal belongings.

Home Insurance Quotes and Enrollment

It only takes a few minutes to get a quote for your home.  We will help you find the most affordable options while giving you peace of mind that you're protected.  Answer a few short questions and we take you through the enrollment process with ease.

Speak to a San Diego Home Owners Insurance Specialist today!