Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance


Freshen your San Diego company by providing affordable dental insurance. Group coverage available for 1-250 employees.

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Employer-sponsored benefits such as dental insurance can be made available with or without a health plan and have a variety of benefit levels, rate options and plan flexibility.

Having dental coverage could help employees avoid many preventable health problems that are harmful to their overall wellness and productivity.

Once you contact a friendly agent at J.S. Downey Insurance, we can figure out your dental requirements, what kind of plan will best fit your needs, and whether or not your current dentist takes a certain plan.  Premiums depend on the employer contribution, the ages and number of people you are covering, and whether an employee or member needs orthodontic care.  Some dental insurance plans provide low co-pays, while others provide discounts on services.

We can show you the average dental insurance premium in your area, depending on the type of plan you need.  J.S. Downey Insurance is contracted with many quality dental insurance carriers so we can find the most suitable, affordable group dental plans for your company.

Employees value insurance benefits.  By obtaining dental insurance through an employer, the company may get better rates than through the individual market.

There are also various tax incentives available to an employer when obtaining group dental plans.  For example, businesses can generally deduct the dental premiums they pay on qualifying group plans and, by offering group insurance as part of a total compensation package, an employer may be able to reduce payroll taxes.  In turn, the employees can pay their portion of the monthly insurance premium with pre-tax dollars.  These incentives are worth taking into consideration when determining the affordability of a dental insurance plan for any small business.