Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance


Employer paid life insurance has pre-tax benefits up to a certain level. Retain your employees today with affordable life insurance.

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Group life insurance is often provided as part of a complete employee benefit package, but can be offered with or without a medical plan.

Employer-sponsored benefits can include group term life insurance, AD&D insurance, and optional dependent life insurance.  Life insurance is a great way to prepare for life's unexpected moments and is considered a valuable employee benefit.

By offering life insurance with accidental death or dismemberment insurance, you can help employees feel more assured that their loved ones will have some protection in the event of a death or disabling accident.

Employers often, but not always, provide a small amount of life insurance coverage for free. You may also have the option to buy supplemental group life insurance. These plans generally allow workers to buy extra coverage — sometimes up to three or four times an employee's annual salary.

Because many types of life insurance are available, including term life and whole life insurance, JS Downey Insurance Service can help employers understand the basics and then make an informed decision for their employees.  There are also tax savings involved for the sponsoring employer so be sure to explore all the options with your broker.