How To Find An Amazing Health Insurance Broker

Why do you need a broker? How will a broker make your life better? Does it cost money?

The short answers would be: Lots of reasons. You will become an educated consumer and choose wisely. Nope, there is no extra charge to you - agents are paid a small commission directly from the carrier regardless of the insurance company you choose.

You're deciding on fairly important issues affecting your company and/or your family. Choosing the right policies are ultimately your decision, but professional brokers can help you understand your choices.

Agents Save You Time

Your time is valuable and insurance can be overwhelming. Your broker can research multiple carriers, plan designs, benefits, and premiums to find the right match based on your budget and needs.

Independent agents don't work for a single carrier so they're able to make recommendations based on your requirements and not on commission. Brokers also must meet strict educational and licensing requirements to stay up-to-date on everything you need to know.

With the complexity of the ACA (Obamacare) and other changing regulations, your broker will have extensive industry knowledge and can help guide you with compliance issues.

When you need servicing during the year (such as claims questions, adding an employee or planning a trip), your insurance professional is there for ongoing support.

Agents Save You Money

There is no cost to an individual or a business to have a broker. This equally applies if you are shopping for health insurance through (Obamacare) or directly with an insurance carrier.

Benefits specialists take the complexity of hundreds of different plans and break them down to a few that work well for your situation.

How to Find a Great Broker

  • Referrals from Friends and Family - Ask around! Presumably everyone you know has a broker for their home or auto insurance.
  • Online Search - You can do a Google search, check Yelp, or search related sites such as for certified agents. Once you find a local insurance agent, you can check their website, social media and testimonials.

Experienced agents will offer multiple lines of insurance such as property, home, auto, life, cyber liability, and travel insurance, to name a few. They will also work with a variety of insurance carriers in order to find you the most affordable option.

As your family and business grow, your risk exposure will change - you want your agent to be your advocate, guide you, and bring some peace of mind.