Hack Your Thoughts By Gaining Clarity

This book is excellent for anyone in the business world. But also, anyone.

After we heard Jamie Smart (yes, that's his last name) on a recent Bulletproof podcast, we knew his insights would help our readers eliminate a certain amount of stress from their lives and, as a result, perform better.

Smart's Little Book of Clarity is described as a quick guide to focus and de-clutter your mind. The book offers insight into how perception is created. He states that removing unproductive, habitual thought patterns and faulty perceptions can help us achieve our goals.

The premise is that our minds are self-correcting systems, but we allow distractions from a busy life and habitual thought patterns to cloud that system.

Life’s constant bombardment of ‘to-do’ and ‘urgent’ pushes your own priorities clear off the radar. Before you know it, you’re always busy, but not getting very much accomplished.
— Jamie Smart

Resilience, connection and clarity are really our "default settings" - our natural state - and what gets in the way is believing our felt experience is coming from something other than our moment to moment experience.

Once we're aware of how that works - and how our experience of life is created in thought - we can allow our minds to guide us back to clarity no matter what the circumstances. In this book, he details how to get back to balance through the absence of external interference.

The example he gives is of a child who thinks he's lost his teddy bear. He's crying about his perception of losing the teddy bear. The teddy bear itself isn't doing anything. It's not making him cry. This same analogy applies to adulthood - we're typically living in the field of thought, our psychology.

Once you understand the principles he shares, you will be able to effortlessly take things off your mind rather adding more to the chatter.

Reading a free chapter might get you curious:

Jamie said after readers grasp the insights in the book, they have found greater mental clarity and freedom. People begin to understand where their experiences are really coming from and who they really are.

He shares how you can get back to your natural state of clarity by erasing the conditioning that comes with information overload and a fast-paced life. And who wouldn't enjoy a little more peace of mind? 😊