Earth Day Is Boring - What Do I Need To Know?

Earth Day is April 22nd. Every year.

If you are into Earth Day, you are already celebrating! You know the details of this year's theme (ending plastic pollution) - you know where people will be celebrating (everywhere around the globe) - and you likely already take measures in your own life to help reduce your global footprint.

But what if that doesn't describe you? What if it sounds kind of boring - what should you know and why should you care?

Reason #1

Steering clear of politics, the reason to care can be the extensive REWARDS that come with community participation. Involvement in popular/trending causes can give your small business a good name, introduce you to a wider group of people, and grow your clientele.

Click Here to Learn More About Earth Day

Click Here to Learn More About Earth Day

You can be an exhibitor at an Earth Day Fair, you can plant a tree, or simply put a poster up in your lobby to raise awareness.

If you want to get involved, here is a link. If you miss(ed) out this year, mark your calendar for next year (April 22nd, 2019) so you can involve your business or attend an event.

Reason #2

Excuse to PARTY! For those in Southern California, here's what's happening in Balboa Park:

It's being billed as the The world's largest free Environmental Fair and Earth Day Celebration.

How does this sound for good food and family entertainment:

EarthFair 2018 will feature more than 300 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Children’s Activity Area, four entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the Earth Gallery arts and crafts show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.
— San Diego EarthWorks

It's Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and there will be lots of public transportation heading back and forth to the event:

If you're not in San Diego, there will be an event near you, just Google "Earth Day events near me" and you'll be overwhelmed with delightful choices and locations.

Reason #3

Breathing clean air and experiencing less pollution can be enjoyable for the entire family (especially if you have a loved one with allergies, asthma, or an immune disorder).

Some Final Points to Know

Like trees? You'll love The Canopy Project. Right now, we're losing about 15 billion trees every year so Earth Day goals include reforesting projects and building sustainable communities. You can learn more here.

Here are a few links if you want to get involved on social media:

For the die-hard fans, here is a history of Earth Day. And for those who are interested, here are some Earth Day Tips. Let us know if you attend(ed) any of the events and if your family learned anything new. 🌎