Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance


We offer Dental insurance for Individuals and Families in San Diego. Speak to a professional insurance broker today to see the plans available.

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Get protection against the high cost of dental care with affordable coverage.

What is Dental Insurance?

Low cost dental plans can cover a wide range of options, including full dental coverage insurance to protect your smile.  Basic coverage can cover routine checkups, cleanings, and x-rays.

How do I get Dental Insurance?

Once you contact a friendly agent at J.S. Downey Insurance, we can figure out your dental requirements, what kind of plan will best fit your needs (such as an HMO or PPO), and whether or not your current dentist takes a certain plan.  You can buy dental insurance or dental discount plans for individuals, families, or small businesses.

Choosing a plan depends on several variables, including the ages and number of people you are covering, and whether a member needs orthodontic care.  Some dental insurance plans provide low co-pays, while others provide discounts on services.

With discounted dental plans (as opposed to dental insurance), you enjoy discounts for services at participating dentists; you will just pay the dentist directly for your services at a set rate for services. 

We can show you the average dental insurance cost in your area, depending on the type of plan you need.