Simple Tips You Need to Know to Protect Yourself when Traveling

Thwarting Criminals if You're Going on Vacation

After our recent trip to Greece, I wanted to share this Kiplinger article about what to do before taking a trip abroad.  

Great reminders when planning a getaway  Image via Pexels

Great reminders when planning a getaway

Image via Pexels

Being proactive now saves a lot of hassle down the road:

(1) Notify your credit card companies and bank(s) that you will be traveling so they don't deny transactions from foreign locations.

(2)  Make sure your cell phone or tablet have strong passwords upon start up.

(3)  If you have to access an ATM machine, use the ones at larger financial institutions (to avoid the skimming software scams that thieves can place inside ATM's).  Carry minimum amounts of cash and use credit or debit cards for larger purchases.

(4)  One that seems obvious, but important to remember - place a vacation hold on your mail (if you don't have a trusted friend/family member to pick it up daily).

(5)  Avoid accessing any bank or other personally identifying information on public computers.  When accessing the internet at your hotel, use only the password protected network.

Marilyn and Steve in Santorini, Greece

Marilyn and Steve in Santorini, Greece

(6)  Don't keep your wallet in easily accessible locations for pickpockets.  Always be mindful of your purse or wallet as you're sight-seeing. There's no need to carry unnecessary paperwork or documents, such as passports or checkbooks, when walking around.

(7)  Once you return from your trip, be sure to check all your financial transactions to make sure there aren't any unauthorized charges.

Most of all, enjoy your trip!  If you need travel insurance or have questions on your existing health insurance policy and how it protects you out of country, see our blog post or drop us a line anytime. Speak to your San Diego insurance agent today.