Is Now Your Time to Start Receiving Social Security Checks?

I know this isn't the most thrilling topic, but it's extremely important. So I will make it quick and painless.

Filing for Social Security

You need to get this right in order to maximize your benefits. Elliot Raphaelson has a great article on how to "Fearlessly File" which you can access here.

To sum it up, you first want to figure out WHEN to file. You can start the process three months before you want your benefits, usually as early as age 62.* Entitlement variables can include survivorship and disability benefits.

When you're ready to file, you can choose one of the following three methods (links included):

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You will need your birth certificate and a picture ID.

To figure out the best time to claim your benefits, you can consult your financial planner or various books available on the topic. Raphaelson recommends Get What's Yours and Social Security: The Inside Story - both available on Amazon.

If you have any further retirement, Medicare or senior planning questions, as always, we're here to help or refer you to someone who can. You've earned it!

* The earliest a person can start receiving Social Security benefits is age 62 (where they would receive a percentage of the total benefit). Full retirement age is now 66, but it depends when you were born.  See this link for updates.

Speak to a retirement specialist today.